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Dr. Eduardo A. Gallardo


Professional Positions

President and Medical Director
Since December 2005. (Current Position). EGCP SA is a Contract Research Organization founded by Dr. Eduardo Gallardo, located in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Medical Director in Argentina and Regional Medical Director for Latin America

Member of the Board of Directors of Boehringer Ingelheim SA (BISA) in Argentina

Cardiovascular and Thromboembolic Diseases Department

Boehringer Ingelheim GmbH, Germany 1990-1994.
Corporative International Medical Department.
He was Coordinator of the International Clinical Experts’ Group in thromboembolic diseases.

Participation in the following international clinical trials

As a part of his activities at the BI corporate international medical department, he participated in the conduction and analysis of the following trials:

GUSTO I (Global Utilization of systemic thrombolisis in Acute Miocardial Infarction)
ECASS I (Evaluation of fibrinolysis in ischaemic stroke European Study)

Actilyse (rTPA) in Pulmonary Embolism (in charge of the Review and Expert Report writing and application to the German Health Authorities, as a result of a team work with the International Regulatory Department).

Treatment with fibrinolytics after 6 to 12 hours of acute myocardium infarction (Expert Report)


Medical Director

Boehringer Ingelheim S.A. in Argentina

August, 1985 to 1990

Project Leader

In charge of the Development in Latin American Area of the following development projects (Team Work):
IK-6, BHT-933; Gamma Interferon; Epinasatine and Pseudoephedrine combinations.

Medical Adviser

Boehringer Ingelheim S.A.
December, 1977 – July 1985


Teaching Positions

Co-Director of the Post-graduate Course for Monitoring and Clinical Investigators. Organized by the “Comité de Ética Independiente Virgilio Foglia” (carried out at the AMA, Argentine Medical Association), since April 2007, current position.
Performing the course number “13th” during the current year 2008.


Invited teacher for the post-graduate course of Pharmaceutical Medicine, at Argentinean Catholic University, Buenos Aires, since 2007, and IMBS (International Master in Biological Sciences) University of Freiburg-University of Buenos Aires, 2009



Bachelor – 1959

National School “Mariano Moreno”.   Buenos Aires.

Medical Doctor – 1966

School of Medicine.  University of Buenos Aires.

Certification in Internal Medicine – 1972

Ministry of Public Health and Environment of the Argentine Republic.

Clinical Pharmacologist– 1984

Cathedra of Pharmacology, School of Medicine.
University of Buenos Aires.


Post-Graduate Training

Academic Residence in Internal Medicine, 1967-1970

Hospital Policlínico Mariano R. Castex
San Martín, Pcia. de Buenos Aires


Chief Resident  1971

Hospital Policlínico Mariano R. Castex
San Martín.  Pcia. de Buenos Aires


Fellow in Biology of Reproduction of the Latin American Program of the World Health Organization and the Ford Foundation, 1972-1973
Gynecology and Obstetrics Department, School of Medicine.
University of Santiago de Chile, CELADE (Centro Latinoamericano de Epidemiología)
Santiago, Chile.


Centro Bernardo Houssay de Perinatología y Fisiología Obstétrica.
Hospital de Clínicas.  Montevideo.
República Oriental del Uruguay.


School of Medicine.  University of Buenos Aires.


Instituto de Neurobiología (CONICET).  Buenos Aires


Instituto Latinoamericano de Fisiología de la Reproducción.
University of El Salvador, San Miguel, Pcia. de Buenos Aires.


Fellow of Initiation in Scientific Investigation of the National Counsel of Scientific and Technical Investigations (Consejo Nacional de Investigaciones Científicas y Técnicas  (CONICET)) 1974-1975


Fellow of Perfectionism in Scientific Investigation of CONICET



Basic/Refresher course for Medical Department Personnel.
Coventry.  England 1981.


Master in Clinical Pharmacology of the University of Buenos Aires.

    1. Title of Clinical Pharmacologist.



    1978. Diabetes mellitus Nordisk Hospital, Copenhagen
  1. 1979. Course for medical personnel Maxwell, Coventry, England
    1987. System 100 (IMS)
  1. 1988. System 400 (IMS)

1989. First year of the career of marketing (Fundación de altos estudios en Ciencias Comerciales)

  1. 1990. IMS 400 Bad Kreuznach, Germany

1998. Drug Information Association.
Bethesda, Maryland, USA

2003. Pharmacological Development in Pharma. Industry, USA

    2006. Theoretical- Practical Training Course for Monitors and Coordinators in Clinical Trials 2003” Organized by the Association of Counselor Doctors of Pharmaceutical Industry (Asociación de Médicos Asesores de la Industria Farmacéutica (AMAIFA)
  1. 2006. Several Refreshing Courses on Clinical Research:
  • Fefym: Advanced Course for Clinical Investigators
  • Fefym: Course for Clinical Investigators in Oncology
  • Fefym: Organisation of Investigators Centers for Clinical Research
  • Pinclifa: Advanced Course for Clinical Coordinators.
  • Pinclifa: Course in Clinical Research.
  • AHK, UB: Primer Seminario de Nanotecnología.



Basic Research

  • “Effect of surgical disconnection of the medial basal hypothalamus on postcoital reflex ovulation in the rabbit” Endocrinology, 99: 959, 1976.
  • “Effect of hypothalamic deafferentation on catecholamine content of the median eminence en LH and prolactin serum levels on ovariectomized rats”.  Brain Research, 148 (1978) 121-127.
  • Effect of superior cervical ganglionectomy and lateral hypothalamic deafferentation on norpinephrine content of the median eminence”.  Brain Research, 290 (1984) 333-335.


Clinical Research

  • “Changes in images of myocardium perfusion with Thallium 201 in patients with chronic chagasic cardiomyopathy, after treatment with dipiridamol” (“Cambios en las imágenes de perfusión miocárdica con Talio 201 en pacientes con miocardiopatía chagásica crónica, después del tratamiento con dipiridamol”).  Rev. Arg. Cardiol.  47, N° 2, 129-136, 1979.
  • “Effect of NA 872 on the Lung Clearance and function tests in patients with chronic bronchitis” (“Efecto de NA 872 sobre el Clearance Pulmonar y pruebas funcionales en pacientes con bronquitis crónica”).  Prensa Médica Argentina, 70, 68, 1983.
  • “Comparative study between prrenzepine and cimetidine in the prevention of high digestive hemorrhage in patients in intensive care unit” (“Estudio comparativo entre pirenzepina y cimetidina en la prevención de hemorragia digestiva alta en pacientes de terapia intensiva”).  Terapia Intensiva, 2, 1, 1983.
  • “Study of prevalence of blood hypertension in Argentinean Soldiers” (“Estudio de prevalencia de hipertensión arterial en soldados argentinos”).  Congreso Mundial de Cardiología, Moscú 1982 y Revista de Sanidad Militar Argentina ISSN 0048-7716, 1984.
  • “Multicentre study with IK 6 in Maintenance and acute therapy of 3668 patients with obstructive lung disease”.  Symposium “Autonomic Control of Bronchial Tone”,  Barcelona, 11-15th June, 1984; Lung and Respiration, 1-13, 1985.


Pharmacological Studies

“Pharmaceutical Equivalence does not mean Therapeutic Equivalence” (“ Equivalencia Farmacéutica no es Equivalencia Terapéutica”).  Centro de Estudios para el desarrollo de la Industria Quimico Farmacéutica Argentina, CEDIQUIFA, 42, 2003


Participation in Congresses and Conferences

  • Member of the Organizing Board of many national and international congresses.
  • President of the 2° Latin American Congress of Pharmaceutical Medicine (Congreso Panamericano de Medicina Farmacéutica). Buenos Aires, November, 2001.
  • Conference: “Regard the Prescription” Medical-pharmaceutical involvement of the prescription by non-proprietary name (“Respeto por la Receta” Implicancias médico-farmacéuticas de la prescripción por nombre genérico). September 2001
  • Conference: “Substitution of the Prescription” (“Sustitución de la Receta”) Asociación Médica Argentina. September 2002.
  • Conference and Discussion Table: “Prescription of Drugs by non-proprietary name: myths and realities” (“Prescripción de Medicamentos por Nombre Genérico: mitos y realidades”), 148° Jornadas Científicas de la Academia Nacional de Farmacia y Bioquímica. November, 2004


Presentation of Research Studies:
  • “Reticulocite response after acute bleeding in nephrotomized and glomectomized cats” (“Respuesta reticulocitaria en la hemorragia aguda en gatos nefrectomizados y glomectomizados”)
    III Congreso Argentino de Farmacología, Argentina 1972
  • “Effect of desafferentations in basal medium hypothalamus on the content of catecholaminas in the mean eminence and levels of LH and PROLACTINE IN CASTRATED FEMALE RATS” (“Efecto de la desaferenciaciones del hipotálamo medio basal sobre el contenido de catecolaminas en la eminencia media y niveles de LH Y PROLACTINA EN RATAS HEMBRAS CASTRADAS”).
    Congresos ALIRH, Colombia, 1977
  • “Structures and Functions of the Middle Eminence” (“Estructura y Funciones de la Eminencia media”)
    VIII Reunión de comunicaciones científicas de la Sociedad Argentina de Farmacología Experimental 1977
  • Chronic Evaluation of Antihypertensive efficacy of BHT-933
    Autonomic control of bronchial tone.  Effect of IKG in maintenance and acute therapy of 3668 patients with COPD



  • “Role of dopamine in prolactine responses” submitted to the Cathedra of Pharmacology UBA 1981
  • “Background for the treatment of diabetes mellitus” Medical Report, 23: 19, 1979
  • “Effect of IKG on autonomic control of Bronchial tone” Lung & Respiration, Vol II, N° 1, Frankfurt, 1985.


Membership in Scientific Societies

  • Vice President of ARGER Foundation (Fundación Argentino Germana para el estudio y Tratamiento de Enfermedades Malignas de la Sangre)
  • Member of the Board of CEDIQUIFA (Centro de Estudios de la Industria Química Farmacéutica Argentina)
  • Member of the Argentine Medical Association.
  • Member of SAMEFA (Sociedad Argentina de Medicina Farmacéutica)
  • Member of the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Medicine (UK)
  • Member of CAOIC (Argentine Chamber of Clinical Research Organizations). EGCP SA is a founder member.



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